Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am an Artist

I am an artist...

I help make the world more beautiful. Each thing I create adds to what has
already been made to adorn this little speck of dust drifting through the
endless universe.

I actually love to go to work. No burger flipping, or porta-potty cleaning for
me. My job is doing what I love to do anyway.

I have something to say, and some people listen to my voice. Not everyone likes
what I do, but I don't like everything everyone else does, so that is OK.

I am my own boss, nobody tells me what to do all day. My decisions are mine to
make, and I can have a day off whenever I need one.

I feel my job is important because I create things, not destroy them. There is
way too much destruction going on, and it feels right to NOT be a contributor to

I am proud of my achievements, and look ahead, with awe and excitement at the
unlimited possibilities for growth in my chosen path.

I make some people very happy doing what I do, and this makes me happier, True
happiness is like a fire: when you share it, it gets bigger.

I am part of an amazing group of people who think and feel, not one of the lazy
who ask to be entertained.

I am an original, one of a kind, self-created human being, and knowing this
gives me great power.

I get to meet people from all over the world, and have forged many precious,
real relationships from the interactions I have had in this profession.

I assist people with opening their hearts and finding their individual talents,
and give them the confidence to create without fear of rejection or failure.

I will leave a body of work behind, that will carry on long after I am gone from
here, and this makes me immortal.

I am an artist.